About Us

Palatino supplies Relais & Châteaux products and offers a range of eco-friendly and tailor-made articles.

Palatino's expertise is in supplying our clients with 360° solutions, from design to production to logistics: 

  • Create a concept based on initial needs
  • Develop specific design
  • Source the right materials, the best quality for the best price
  • Send a sample, with quick turnaround, based on established design
  • Perform strict quality control, piece by piece
  • Handle the logistic worldwide

We support all Relais & Châteaux members through every step of the logistics process: 

  • Adapt packaging dimensions to quantities
  • Handle import and customs documents
  • Locally stock products
  • Inventory management and on-demand delivery

A Dedicated Team to Support you

We have in-depth understanding of the industry's increasingly high standards and specific needs, as well as the ever-changing expectations of well-travelled guests. We keep a finger on the pulse of the latest market trends and innovations worldwide.

With this knowledge at our disposal, we conduct thorough analyses of a hotel’s services and amenities and can provide expert feedback on how to respond to current traveller needs across all realms, supplying detailed guidance on the tangible and intangible ways in which the property can enhance their guest experience.

Leader in Eco-Friendly Solutions

We have eco-friendly alternatives for 100% of our product range and amenities. Our philosophy has always been to remain environmentally focused in our work, while ensuring social and economical viability.

Through the development process, we analyse:

  • how each product can be recycled after use
  • the ecological footprint during production
  • how we can further enhance the product – going "green" need not compromise aesthetics.

We have a team dedicated to innovation, conducting comprehensive R&D to remain on the cutting edge in use of the latest materials and processes, to strengthen the eco factor in all we create.