Bespoke OS&E

We design and create bespoke products for all areas within the luxury hospitality sector, including F&B Items, In-Room Amenities, Spa Accessories, Kid’s Entertainment, VIP Gifting, Special Events, PR/Sales Goodies etc.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs so we can design truly customised items that add special details to their property and are in line with their brand identity.

  • As members of Relais & Châteaux, clients have access to the in-stock fixed products offer. They can also personalize items or small goods with their own logo and brand. We work with various mediums, such as leather, semi-leather and ecological fabrics, on which we have many options and flexibilities to offer.

  • 1. Design

    We design according to the client's vision and wishes. As the personalised projects are bespoke, we can adapt the choice of colours, dimensions and fabrics. The first estimate can be created at this stage in order to stay in line with the budget.

  • 2. Worksheet Creation

    We will create a worksheet in order to produce a sample, if requested by the client. The prototype will be sent in express to the customer.

  • 3. Production

    We will receive validation from you on the estimate and sample, before launching the final production.

  • 1. Interior Analysis

    Our team will evaluate the palette, materials and object placements to help better design and create a collection that will enhance the look & feel of the existing room.

  • 2. Moodboard

    The mood board will guide the look and feel of the products and help to maintain consistency within the collections.

  • 3. Teaser Proposal

    To help our clients envision the application on products, we will create a teaser demonstrating a few selected product designs based on the validated mood board.

  • 4. Bespoke Production Design

    We adhere to strict aesthetic principles while taking into consideration your requirements concerning prices, functions, or materials.

  • 5. Material & Sampling

    We provide clients with colour and material swatches to make sure they see, touch and feel the palette and textures in real

  • 6. In-House Production

    We ensure the manufacturing process is ethically, responsibly and lawfully conductedwith compliance to our Code of Conduct.

We have minimum order quantity (MOQ) on some items, such as slippers,
umbrellas, candles, amenities and very specific designs requests in marble
or wood.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our project and account managers to get
more information about those!